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We are a company for professional facility management with the aim of preserving the value and improving the quality of real estate. We apply European standards, unify different segments of facility management and thus ensure optimal functionality of the facility.



As part of Technical Facility Management, EDGE takes over the management of the building’s technical facilities and professional management and maintenance during the entire life cycle of the property, minimizing the frequency of breakdowns and disruptions. The building’s technical facilities include, among other things, heating installations, ventilation, sanitary installations, cooling installations, fire protection devices, security and access systems, escalators and electrical installations.

  • Preventive examinations and inspections of all tech. systems on objects.
  • Preventive maintenance of all tech. system on the facility.
  • Repairs and emergency interventions of all those. system on the facility.
  • Call center and help desk
  • Control, monitoring and implementation of corrective measures.
  • Janitor jobs and emergency interventions.
  • Management of warranty periods and equipment life cycle.
  • Coordination of legally prescribed examinations and attestations.
  • Preparation of a monthly report on the condition of the facility.
  • Development of a preventive maintenance plan for all tech. systems.


Daily functionality and quality are the primary goals in providing infrastructure services in facility management and maintenance.

  • Hygienic maintenance of common rooms, toilets and offices
  • Special and general cleaning of buildings.
  • Facade washing and horticulture.
  • Coordination of winter service.
  • Coordination of services of DDD measures.
  • Coordination of waste management (oils, fats, septic tanks, etc.)
  • Parking management


  • One company responsible for the complete care of the facility.
  • Accurate calculation of the cost of preventive maintenance on a yearly basis.
  • The best service prices and professional service technicians.
  • If necessary, engagement of additional technicians from other facilities.
  • Bank guarantee as insurance for good performance.
  • Responsibility towards inspection authorities.
    Advantages of
  • Outsorcing, cost and labor obligations with us!
  • Domestic attitude towards the object, work outside the framework of the contract.
  • A detailed overview of all technical equipment at the facility.
  • Creation of a “list of defects” and coordination over the execution of repairs.
  • Coordination of all outsourcing services and other services.
  • Preparation of a monthly report on the condition of the facility.
  • Archiving of the necessary documentation on the derived conditions


Haris Skender

Facility Management Director

More than 20 years of managerial experience in construction, management and maintenance of high-quality facilities in BiH and abroad. As a facility manager, he has been taking care of business facilities worth over 200 million KM for 10 years.

Proven as an experienced FM manager in relation with clients, quick problem solving and management of people and equipment.


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