About Us

We are a team that works on designing and implementing marketing solutions aimed at improving the results of clients’ business in the areas of: products and services, promotions, market expansion and strategic activities in the positioning of campaigns.



  • Development of the center’s marketing strategy
  • Planning and implementation of the opening
  • Management of marketing processes and activities
  • Coordination of realization of promotional events and campaigns
  • Creative solutions
  • PR activities and Social Media Management
  • Production of printed, video and audio materials
  • Media leasing and media planning


  • Public relations
  • Management of openings
  • Management of promotional events and campaigns
  • Consulting and sales support
  • Innovative means of communication
  • Social Media Management
  • Media leasing and planning
  • Production of printed, video and audio materials


In a world where information is gold, understanding customer behavior becomes invaluable. Understanding how, where and why customers make decisions gives store and shopping center owners the ability to optimize their operations and increase sales.

In everyday business, the real challenge is not only to attract customers to the store, but also to ensure that they make a purchase. Visitor analytics provide deeper insight into how customers behave within the store. It tells you not only the number of people who entered the store, but also where they spent the most time, which products they browsed and which they skipped, and what demographic characteristics those visitors had.

Visitor counters, heatmap, face, age and mood recognition are devices that allow you to get a large amount of information about your visitors and, based on that information, make key managerial decisions.

The Business Intelligence platform offers you this data in different formats with reports that you can have on a daily basis.

EDGE doo is your reliable partner and we are available for all your questions, and as an additional value we offer the installation of test devices for a certain period!


Irhad Kovačević

Sales and Marketing Director

Irhad Kovačević is an optimistic and enthusiastic director of sales and marketing at Edge d.o.o. with more than 25 years of experience. He is dedicated to helping clients in the Retail industry. During his career, Irhad gained the trust of several domestic and international companies, maintained strong relationships with clients that generate repeat business. He attributes his success to his ability to listen to customers and put their needs first.

Faris Šabotić

Graphic Designer

Faris Šabotić is a creative and professional graphic and web designer with more than 5 years of experience in various industries. He has successfully created attractive, creative and efficient designs focused on user experience. His knowledge of the latest software solutions and industry trends enables him to create works that are contemporary, interactive and tailored to the target audience. He is a creator of experiences, stories and brands. His passion for graphics and web design is evident in all of his work.


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