Početkom septembra je otvoren novi shopping centar Plaza u Mostaru! Edge u ovom projektu učestvuje od samog početka kroz izradu idejnog rješenja centra, leasing prostora, i marketing!

EDGE has successfully implemented the first phase of the project for the development of a conceptual solution for a new shopping center in Tešanj, the Mepromex center. As the first addition to the existing offer, a contract has been signed with the trade fashion house LC Waikiki from Turkey, which will open its doors to customers by the end of 2020. The new part of the project is scheduled to open by the fall of 2021.

SpinIt je novi marketinški alat na našem tržištu! Idealan za sve vrste promocija! Otvarate novu radnju? Novi film u kinu? Želite da svi primjete poruku na SpinIt-u? Novi film u kinu? najprometnijim  lokacijama u Vašoj blizini!


EDGE je uspješno realizirao akviziciju zakupaca LC Waikiki i Sinsay za SHOP Park u Gornjem MIlanovcu u Srbiji koji se otvara u Novembru 2020 godine.

In February, Edge successfully installed 28 people counters in the Dalmare shopping center in Šibenik!

This is the first shopping center in Croatia that has introduced the most modern technology for monitoring the attendance and movement of customers in the center, where it will bring quality management based on data from the Business Intelligence platform.

In a rich portfolio of services, Edge has entered into a technical consulting agreement as part of Facility Management, with the BiH Banking Agency. In this way we manage the property and make a preventive maintenance plan for the whole year in advance.

How seriously we want to deal with retail, is also shown by the fact that we have entered the investment of purchasing two more settings of specialized events for shopping centers. It's about Dinomania and Safari settings! Before the Covid 19 pandemic, we already had agreed settings throughout Croatia and Serbia, which are currently on a stand-by arrangement! As soon as the epidemiological conditions allow, we will start with the previously agreed events!

As part of Facility Management activities, we had several agreed orders for washing glass facades. Thus, during 2020, we washed the following facilities with a professional Puraqlean machine: TC Merkur Otoka, Grawe osiguranje, UNDP building, TC Robot Socijalno, Vapiano Alta, Uniqa osiguranje and the building where Spazio Caffe is located at Marin Dvor!

New creative and interactive solutions for entertainment in shopping malls have arrived! EDGE company with proven experience in the retail industry understands what is new and creatively needed by shopping centers in the Region! In addition to education and sports activities, the first of many interactive workshops for children, the School of Super Heroes, has recently started in Delta Planet, Banja Luka, and we will not stop there. Super Hero School with the organization of the EDGE team soon in Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia. A new form of entertainment for your children in the shopping center! >> video prezentacija

With the aim of presenting to the BiH market, 05.11. in Sunnyland on Trebevica, a presentation of V-Count technology was held where we hosted our partners from V-Count from Istanbul in order to present this global fast-growing company and their solutions.
According to those present, who came from renowned regional companies, the presentation met expectations!
Edge as a Regional Partner of V-Count will very soon start the first installations and thus make official the beginning of this, we are convinced, successful cooperation.

Novi projekt

Lokacija: Tešanj
NLA: 20,000m2
Otvorenje: 2021
Ugovoreni Zakupci: LC Waikiki, Intersports, Bata
U procesu ugovaranja: Sinsay, Deichmann, New Yorker, dm, Sportvision
Usluge: Razvoj koncepta/Izrada idejnog rješenja/Leasing