• Edge d.o.o. is an authorized representative of the Turkish company V-Count, a global platform for analyzing visitors to physical locations. V-Count sells its products and services in 120 countries around the world and so far over 36,000 devices have been installed.
  • By installing devices that count visitors in real time, by age, gender, mood, analyze movement by location, you can get amazing data that can in many ways improve your business in specific locations. Also, through the Business Intelligence platform, you can measure results in all places where devices are installed.

V-Count will improve your business after only 60 days!

  • Find out the habits of your visitors as well as the prime time during the week
  • Measure conversion rates and increase traffic using data from the Business Intelligence platform
  • Optimize the number of your staff and control their work
  • Track marketing effectiveness through analysis of marketing campaigns throughout the year